Makin’ thangs.

Makin’ thangs.

Cut back my pothos today to keep the middle section nice and compact. The “before” photo is kind of an older one since it had grown almost down to the ground before I cut it. I took a bunch of the cuttings and put them in water so they’ll root and I’ll have more pothos plants. You can never go wrong with more plants! A green stink bug fell out of the sky onto my table when I was outside, too.

Shrimp feast! Little baby shrimps and big shrimps eatin’ together like a family, since they are one.

It’s National Moth Week! So far my attempts to get moths to come to me have, uh… not worked so well despite following all the instructions on the website. I just get mosquitoes everywhere instead. I did find some moths anyway, though!

First one is a Virginia Creeper Sphinx moth I tried to move out of a spider web. It flew onto me before flying away for good. It’s vibrating its wings in the last photo to warm up its muscles before taking off.

The next two are Ailanthus webworm moths - there’s always a bunch of these guys hanging out on my door. I don’t know what the little brown moth is, but I found that one with my moth catching setup.

Then there’s some non-moth things like a tiger bee fly (my boyfriend took the second photo of it because despite being 5’10”, there are still some things I’m not tall enough for), named because it preys on carpenter bees by laying eggs in their nests. The fly larvae eat the bees when they’re in their pupal stage.

Next is a green lacewing. The last photo is an old one I found on my computer and never posted. Figured it’d be appropriate for moth week, haha.

Ok, Painter X3’s interface is the ugliest thing ever, but IT HAS ADJUSTABLE PERSPECTIVE GRIDS which is the greatest thing ever. I have to do so many city scenes/interiors for this book and this is going to be an insane amount of help. Painter, you and me are gonna be BFFs until I do some random thing that makes you crash and makes me lose a bunch of work, then I’ll get pissed and say “never again!!!” but keep coming back anyway because that’s kind of how we roll, I guess.

Best time to find out the old version of Painter you’re using for freelance work doesn’t support more than 4 GB of RAM and crashes endlessly: Right after you do a memory upgrade so you can get a bunch of work done faster. Yeah, that totally happened. AWESOME. At least IX still works on my laptop, but it’s slow.

Anyone know if Painter X3 is worth it because the last couple versions were so damn buggy and crash-prone I refused to get them (and IX is already pretty fucking broken, so that says something). If nothing else, maybe I can get it on my main computer and see if I can figure out how to get it to match what I’ve been doing in IX.

My shrimp had babies! Except I don’t know which shrimp they came from. The only one I saw with any eggs/babies was the Amano shrimp (or what looks like an Amano shrimp), but their babies don’t survive in fresh water, yet these guys have been going strong since I noticed them on Friday and have only been getting bigger. Maybe it’s just an odd-colored cherry shrimp? Apparently they can lose their red color and mutate over generations - this person’s photos show the two side-by-side, and the brownish one looks a lot like my shrimp. So I’m gonna assume they’re all cherries and I have lots of cute little shrimp babies, woo.

I can’t even count them because they’re still so small they can get down into the gravel and hide. I did lose a couple when I was cleaning the tank, which I felt bad about, but I don’t know how to keep them from getting in the gravel vac.

Also, here’s a photo of my big tank since I haven’t posted one in awhile. Lost all my fish except for 9 x-ray tetras, 3 angelicus botia, and 4 catfish (2 cories and 2 emeralds). The deaths have finally stopped and the tank is slowly getting back to normal, though the two emerald catfish and one angelicus botia still look a bit off, so who knows. I really hope I don’t lose them and start the mystery bacteria death train all over again.

Went to the St. Louis Reptile Show on Sunday. There were so many pretty snakes and geckos! And lots of other cool stuff. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a real snake (maybe someday, though?), so I ended up getting this derpy snake ring I found there instead. Also, have a crappy cell phone photo of Rosie and Artemis being all “food plz” after I came home from work.

I’ve been checking my parsley every day for the last few weeks for swallowtail caterpillars since this is about when they showed up last year. So far all I have is one armyworm. They’re not really my favorite since they’re a pest species and they bear more than a passing resemblance to striped turds, but the moths are kind of pretty for generic brown moths, so I’m keeping it out there to see what happens with it.


Happy Birthday Insert Coin Clothing!

Insert Coin Clothing has been a huge supporter of Console to Closet over the years, so I wanted to do a special 4th birthday post highlighting some of my favorite ICC pieces!

1. Pac-man Leggings

2. Ellie Tank Top (The Last of Us)

3. Wesker Shirt (Resident Evil)

4. Sunderland Jacket (Silent Hill)

Check out their flash sales all week and be sure to tell them C2C sent you!

I want so many things on this site, what the hell. Especially this and this and the Sunderland jacket.

More photos that didn’t fit in the last post.

Woo fireworks! ‘murica!

Some old fan art of Sailor Mars from 2009. Soooo oooollld. Some parts of this are a bit rough (like her hair, ugh), but I still like it. I did draw the others but never finished them. I got like 90% of the way done with Sailor Moon, too, haha. Kind of tempted to finish it just because, though.

Some old fan art of Sailor Mars from 2009. Soooo oooollld. Some parts of this are a bit rough (like her hair, ugh), but I still like it. I did draw the others but never finished them. I got like 90% of the way done with Sailor Moon, too, haha. Kind of tempted to finish it just because, though.

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